Meet the Team


Byam Trotter

Job Title: Company Director

Start Date: Mr. Trotter founded the company in 2009

Favourite thing about Trotter’s: Byam is very pleased at how much his team and business has grown, especially in the last year. Byam enjoys that we all sit down together for lunch each day; it creates a real good sense of community

Hobbies:  In his spare time he enjoys playing tennis, watching rugby, running and cycling.

Henry Trotter

Job Title: Head Chef

Start Date: March 2020

Favourite thing about Trotter’s: Henry enjoys the problem solving that comes from working in the kitchen. It teaches him new skills and keeps him on his toes.

Hobbies: In his spare time Henry enjoys playing golf, watching football, tennis, cycling, Dungeons & Dragons and general history geekiness.

Natasha Skinner

Job Title: Warehouse Manager & Admin

Start Date: August 2020

Favourite thing about Trotter’s: Her favourite thing about working with Trotter’s is the family like feel the place has and really enjoys how diverse her job role is.

Hobbies: In her spare time Natasha likes going to the beach (in all weathers), cooking roast dinners and crafting.

Steven Gray

Job Title: Warehouse Operative

Start Date: September 2020

Favourite thing about Trotter’s: His favourite thing about working here is the fact of the day he gets asked very lunch and the quizzes that we do also

Hobbies: In his spare time Steven enjoys listening to records. He has over 3000 in his collection, his favourite is The Clash.

Liam Batten

Job Title: Chef

Start Date: March 2021

Favourite thing about Trotter’s: The family environment, we all enjoy a good laugh at each other.

Hobbies: Mac (Apple) man, plays drums in a band. Loves cooking, signature dish is a home made bagel filled with wild garlic pesto, chicken and chilli. He owns a cat called Rigby.


Austin Curran

Job Title: Chef

Start Date: February 2021

Favourite thing about Trotter’s: His manager Henry, he sees Henry as a true inspiration.

Hobbies: Austin likes music, plays the guitar and his favourite band is Abba, especially likes Benny.  Has trained for the Olympics weight lifting team.