Being Green

Being Green

The planet is very important to the team and I so we try to reduce our carbon foot print as much as possible buy doing the following eco conscious things to keep us environmentally friendly. Like Kermit the frog, we like being green.

Public Transport

All staff are free to travel to work as they see fit, but we do encourage staff to use more green methods of transport, such as walking, running, cycling or public transport. I myself always cycle to and from the kitchen when possible.

Induction Cooking

Induction cooking is the most efficient way of cooking as there is no wasted heat (click here for more info) most commercial kitchen cook on gas but we are moving all our production to induction. it’s eco friendly, cost efficient and production and induction rhyme.


Less than 20% of our waste goes to landfill. We achieve this by recycling and composting as much as possible including: Glass, tin, plastic, shrink wrap, paper and cardboard. Any packaging that we can reuse, we do and we try out best to source and use eco friendly packaging. 100% of our food waste is collected by a local farmer and he feeds it to his cattle. We use paper tape throughout Trotter’s and Spice Girl, to reduce single use plastic. All of our excess cardboard boxes (ones we can’t reuse to send out orders in) are crushed using a baler to minimise uplift schedules, and are collected by a local recycling company.

Shopping Local

Not only is shopping local good for the economy, it is also good for reducing food miles. We buy all our cheese from The St. Andrews Farm house Cheese Co.,all our oil from Summer Harvest in Perthshire and our dairy is from a Scottish herd. We prioritise local, over cost. Our sugar is all made in the UK from British sugar beet rather than cheaper imported cane sugar.


Each season we have a new seasonal product and at least once ingredient is foraged. In the spring we have wild garlic pesto and we forage the wild garlic leaves. In the autumn we have Christmas chutney and spicy plum and apple chutney, I forage the apples and the plums. (By forage, I mean steal from mum and dad’s orchard)